Professional Organizing

Professional Organizing

Have you been meaning to organize that closet, your office space or your kitchen cupboards forever and never actually been able to take that first step? You’re not alone.

Perhaps you have suddenly been put in a position to clear out an estate and don’t know where to start. There is a way to tackle that project efficiently and get the task done quickly.

Often, taking control of the clutter in your life is to start by understanding your relationship to clutter and disorganization.  There are many reasons why we keep things we don’t actually use, need or love; emotional attachment, guilt, security, memories, and one we’re all familiar with – ‘just in case I need it one day’.

Clutter and disorganization leads to anxiety, stress, anger and procrastination in our life.  Physical clutter causes mental clutter.  Putting an organized system in place reduces stress, creates balance and positivity into the work and home environment.

On average, we spend 30 minutes a day looking for things we cannot find.  That is usually an energy-sapping exercise that creates stress, frustration and anxiety.

Furthermore, 80% of what we have stored away for that ‘one day I might need it’ scenario is never used again.  Just think of all that space you’re using for items you will never use.

We cannot change our habits without changing our way of thinking.  By organizing our mind first, we can then organize our life.

Benefits of Being Organized

Organizing Tips

The magic of effective organizing is to focus on what you truly want to keep.  The things you truly cherish.  Focusing on those items will make you feel less ambivalent and anxious when it comes to selecting the items that need to have removed from your life.  Eliminating items you don’t need or love makes more room for those items that you do.

Whether you’re organizing your pantry, bedroom closet, bedroom dresser or office, here are some tips on how to get started.

  • Have bins on hand that are allocated to; donations, garbage/trash, give to, keep.
  • Empty everything out of your closet or drawers/cupboards and place into corresponding bins
  • Don’t overthink it or change your mind – go with your first thought
  • Remove the donation, garbage/trash & give to bins from the room
  • Now restock your shelves, closets, drawers etc with the items that you truly want.
  • Store like items with like
  • If you’re organizing your dresser, fold items small and tight and store standing up so you can see everything
  • If you’re organizing your closet, stores tops with tops, bottoms with bottom and group together by colour
  • If you’re organizing your pantry and kitchen cupboards, think about your work-triangle in the kitchen and store items accordingly.
  • If you’re organizing your office, eliminate clutter from your desktop and store work in files that current, pending and future.


Master chefs have a practice they all ‘Mis-en-place’ which, loosely translated means ‘put in place’.  Before they start cooking they gather all ingredients and utensils needed and only have those items at hand.  That way they can systematically use only what they need, clean and replace to its original home.  Clutter is eliminated and their work is smooth and easy and they can focus solely on what they need to. 

The philosophy of that practice, when translated into how we live in our homes and work environments will make our lives less stressed, more focused and balanced.

Our team is highly-experienced in assisting homeowners work through the process of getting organized.  They are compassionate, knowledgeable and non-judgemental.  We have proven methods to organized any room of your home and we will leave you with a strategy to maintain a clutter-free, highly-organized space.

If you have a question about the organizing services we offer or wish to schedule a whole-home or single room organizing session, reach out to us.  We’ll take the time to listen to your goals and walk you through the process that we would recommend.