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Do you have a vision locked in your head of what you would like your home to look and feel like? Or maybe you can’t find the inspiration you need to transform your space to reflect your family’s personality. 

Home projects can be time-consuming, stressful, and disappointing if done the wrong way.

They can leave some people overwhelmed and unable to take the right step to transform their home into the way they love to live.

ForShow Design has the solution to live lovelier!  Our design service selection has been created for anyone wishing to embark on a home project. Whether you are just looking for some guidance on your project, need professional hand-holding to reach the finish line, or are looking for a take-charge professional to turn your ideas into reality, you’ll find the right design service to suit your needs with ForShow Design. 

Our services include:

Designing to Stay

This is a great service for the individual who may not know where to start, what services they may need to see their vision to fruition, or those who know they want change but have no clear inspiration in mind.

You want to finally come home to a home that’s beautiful, functional, and customized to suit you and your family – the way you love to live.

ForShow will spend approximately 2 hours walking through your home with you, discuss your vision and provide solutions to problems and recommend steps to take to make your space work better for you. We will provide you with a written summary of our recommendations and next steps.

For some, this may be all they need to proceed on their own, or if extra help is needed we will suggest an additional service and discuss estimates and resources.  Think of us as your life concierge – there to help you navigate through your project.

Starting at $299

Deciding to Sell 

A pre-listing consultation incorporates proven and unique techniques that identify what is required to ensure your home is at the top of Realtors’ ‘must-see’ list. It is the most powerful tool you will have to reveal the full potential of your home to buyers and to raise its value and attract the best offers.

We understand the psychology of homebuyers, and we work within a proven system that delivers results. Homeowners and real estate agents both want the same thing – top dollar for the home and a quick sale. Find out how we can help you achieve that.

This consultation is an honest and objective 3rd-party report providing a detailed plan of how to prepare your home for the real estate market – no matter what the state of the Real Estate market.

The results transform your home and translate into an above-average outcome.

Starting at $399

Designer Sidekick

When the project calls for less dirt and dust, we offer all-inclusive decorating services for putting the finishing touches on an already furnished room or sourcing items for spaces sitting vacant.

After our initial visit, we will develop a compelling design concept that may include furniture, décor elements, paint, floor finishes or lighting. Each space will be designed to address both your aesthetic and functional requirements.

If you feel 100% confident that you can make the right choice decision yourself, consider this your Design Sidekick.  We provide 6 hours of design advice, guidance, suggestions, and answers to your most pressing issues related to this project.  You will take our recommendations, professional guidance, and finish it on your own.

Starting at $599 (Up to 2 rooms)

Designer By Your Side 

If you want to ensure that the right choice will be made by a professional, consider us your Designer By Your Side.  We provide 12 hours of design services including any of the above.

Starting at $999

Furniture placement & space planning is an artform that results in a practical, aesthetically pleasing and functional designer-worthy space.  To many, it can be a daunting task that never gets achieved.  A professional designer takes into consideration the size  and the purpose of the space to create the perfect mix of furniture, carpet, artwork, lighting and just the right décor elements. Done professionally, each space will have different zones defined, identify what will occur in each zone and how many people will move through the zone.  Space planning is not so much about personal taste as it is about the functionality of the room.

ForShow will spend approximately 2 hours analyzing your space and will then provide you with the optimal layout for the space to suit the functionality.  

Starting at $225 
Additional services may be suggested at that time to assist with finishing off the project. We can discuss estimates & resources at that time. 

Paint colours used throughout your home make a statement about the people who live there.  For many, selecting paint colours is often the most difficult part of designing a room.

When you sell your home you choose neutral colours that will appeal to the masses. But, for the home you choose to live in you should select paint colours that speak to you and your personality. 

There are so many colours and shades to choose from.  What’s the right colour, hue, and finish?  Should the colour be warm or cool?  What’s the difference?  Homeowners often choose incorrectly and either have to repaint or live with a colour that they don’t love.

The great news is that changing your paint colour is often the least expensive means of transforming a space.

Many homeowners are timid about injecting colour and settle for an uninspiring colour that does not necessarily reflect their personality.  Choosing the right colour the first time will create the perfect essence and mood.  You’ll end up loving your home.

During a colour consultation, we will spend approximately 2 hours analyzing your space and will provide you with a colour selection report that adds “you” to your home. 

Starting at $225

Is your home stuck in the 80’s?  Do you need an update in one or several of the high-traffic rooms in your home?

We can help you remodel or refresh your home with the latest innovations, colours and design style that will transform your space from old and tired to new and exciting.

As your family grows, your needs change. Bring back function in an awkward space that will suit the way your family lives now.

A remodeling/refresh project starts with a consultation where ForShow will spend 2 hours in your home discussing your needs and then provide you with a written recommendation to update your space.  

Starting at $299 
Additional services may be suggested at that time to assist with finishing off the project.

Never underestimate the power of proper lighting within a space. 

Creating a design project without a customized lighting plan is like going for dinner and only having an appetizer.  A professionally designed lighting plan creates depth & height, cozy spots and draws attention to the most impressive areas.  Expertly placed lighting adds another dimension to a space.  It can change a dull room into a statement room.

Our light expertise will provide you with a recommendation on light fixture placement that may include chandeliers, scones, picture lights and lamps. The correct lighting sets the mood and the essence of a room.

Starting at $225 (Up to 2 rooms)
Additional services may be suggested to assist with finishing off the projects.