Tough as Nails and Built to Last

Tough As Nails

Are you about to undertake a renovation and can’t decide which flooring material is best suited for your family. You need something to stand up to the abuse that your family puts it through on a daily basis. You might be surprised at what your options are.

Tile – A hard tile floor can look like new a dozen years from now if you pick the right tile. There’s a certain appeal to using tile made of materials such as slate, ceramic and porcelain when remodeling a floor. Each of these materials are attractive, durable and, with proper care, long-lasting. Still, nothing is perfect, and slate, ceramic and porcelain each have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Slate is water-resistant, tough, durable and easy to care for. However, slate tends to be more expensive, usually needs a re-enforced subfloor due to it’s weight and it can peel.

Ceramic and porcelain tile is water and stain-resistant and easy to clean. They are easy and affordable for do-it-yourselfers to install. Both can be cold and hard on the feet and glossy tiles can be slippery when wet. Unlike ceramic tile, porcelain tiles have the same colour throughout so chips will not be as noticeable. They even have tiles now that look like wood and can be for both indoor and outdoor use.

Vinyl – Vinyl flooring is durable and stands up well to heavy foot traffic. It is comfortable under foot and reduces noise, which can be important for owners with kids or pets. It is also less expensive than many other flooring options and is easy to install and maintain. On the other hand, vinyl floors do not stand up well to heavy loads and can be damaged by sharp objects. Colours can fade with exposure to too much direct sunlight and floors can be damaged by extreme temperatures.

Wood – Hardwood flooring gives a rich look to your home interior and it tends to improve gracefully with age. Hardwood does not attract allergens or moulds that cause allergies. With practise, the laying of hardwood can be mastered by the homeowner. However, since hardwood is an expensive flooring material, homeowners tend to have professionals lay their new floors. Solid hardwood finish is susceptible to scratching from heavy traffic, high heeled foot wears or pet nails and can be damaged from water seepage. For a truly timeless hardwood floor, consider choosing an engineered option. Engineered planks are a top choice for those who want the beauty of hardwood with long-lasting features like water and dent resistance. Keep in mind, you get what you pay for.

Carpet – Carpet has its advantages, especially in rooms where kids will be sprawling on the floor to watch TV. New technology in yarns can now stand up to just about anything your two or four-legged creatures can dish out. Besides wall-to-wall carpets, carpet tiles can be a cost effective option. They are low on waste, required little storage space, and are easily transported. Installation is less expensive than wall-to-wall carpet.

If you don’t like your tender tootsies standing on a cold floor there is the option of a heated floor. Controlled by a thermostat, radiant heat coils warm the floor to a temperature that feels comfortable to bare feet. This method can be used underneath many materials including stone, tile, vinyl and even wood and laminate. Be sure to have a qualified installer do this for you.