Dressing a New Build in Burlington

Services Provided: Staging, Furniture Rental, Furniture Placement

Location / Client: Burlington

Statistics show that only 1 in 10 buyers walking through a home have the ability to visualize a
space that has not been prepared. That means 90% of buyers will walk away from your home without a
second thought if you donu2019t make the investment to stage.

Check out these results!

Living Room:

This new build in Burlington had been on the market for sometime u2013 vacant. Staging the principle rooms, including this living room allowed the lucky buyer to realize the size and potential of each room.

Master Bedroom:

Feedback on the vacant Master Bedroom was that it was too small. Buyers could not envision a generous King bed with night stands fitting into the space. Staging it with the right furniture showed that a King easily fit in along with night stands, bench and occasional chair.